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My blog has moved to

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Came to know today morning that the Indian government has apparently asked ISPs in India to block a few sites and * where my blog resides seems to be one of the unfortunate ones on that list. Read more on this in Greatbong's blog here.

As a result, I am forced to move to, a move I have been contemplating for some time now. The URL of my wordpress blog will be .... just replace blogspot with wordpress in the present blog's URL. All my previous posts on blogspot should be available there, though the formatting I had done in many of the earlier posts is now missing. There are also a few mis-aligned snaps here and there. Please bear with me while I set them right.

Please link to the new blog of mine and continue reading/commenting on my posts.

Signing off with the hope that government doesn't start targeting wordpress next. I can't go along hopping from one place to another for long.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Bangalore Gayana Samaja concerts

Bangalore Gayana Samaja is organizing its 38th music conference from the 13th to the 20th of Augus 2006. The concerts scheduled for this period are as follows:

13th Aug 2006
Saxaphone: Kadri Gopalnath
Violin: A. Kanyakumari
Mridangam: V.Praveen
Ghatam: Vaikkom Gopalakrishnan
Khanjira: A.S.N.Swamy
Morsing: B.Rajasekar

14th Aug 2006
Carnatic Vocal: Bombay Jayashri Ramnath
Violin: Mysore Srikanth
Mridangam: Satish Kumar
Khanjira: Rajagopalan

15th Aug 2006
Carnatic Vocal: Madurai T.N.Seshagopalan (my all time favorite)
Violin: H.K.Venkatram
Mridangam: Umayalapuram K. Sivaraman
Khanjira: N.Amruth

16th Aug 2006
Veena-violin jugalbandi: Jayanthi & Kumaresh
Mridangam: Arjun Kumar
Ghatam: Sukanya Ramagopal

17th Aug 2006
Carnatic Vocal: R.K.Padmanabha
Violin: Mysore Manjunath
Mridangam: C. Cheluvaraju
Ghatam: G.S.Ramanujan

18th Aug 2006
Carnatic Vocal: T.M.Krishna (one of my favorite vocalists of the present generation)
Violin: R.K.Sriramkumar
Mridangam: Palghat Raghu
Ghatam: Giridhar Udupa

19th Aug 2006
Carnatic Vocal: T.V.Sankaranarayanan
Violin: Mysore M. Nagaraj
Mridangam: Srimushnam V. Raja Rao
Morsing: Vyasa Vittala

20th Aug 2006
Bharatnatyam: Sridhar & Anuradha

The season ticket for the complete conference is Rs. 150 for non-members and Rs. 120 for members. Alternatively, once can buy tickets for the individual concerts for Rs. 30.

All concerts are from 6PM to 9PM.

Most of the concerts are by artistes who are very well known in the field. The accompanists are also class artists themselves. For example, some of the best senior mridangists are playing in this music conference (Umayalapuram K. Sivaraman, Palghat Raghu, Srimushnam Raja Rao). Eagerly looking forward to these concerts.

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Sikkil Gurucharan (SGC) performed at the Bangalore Gayana Samaja auditorium today. The highlights of the beautiful concert were the kannadagowla raga alapana and alapana & kalapana swaram for the main kriti in todi raga. On a day when there were 4 good concerts, all clashing with each other, especially the ones by Gurucharan and T.M.Krishna, I am more than happy that I came to listen to this concert, though there is a bit of sadness on missing the lecture demonstration by T.M.Krishna. Anyways, I am really happy that there are two more T.M.Krishna concerts scheduled this month and the next in Bangalore and I will try to attend them at any cost.

Here are the details of the SGC concert:

Vocal: Sikkil Gurucharan
Violin: Charulata Ramanujam
Mridangam: H.S.Sudheendra
Ghatam: Srisyla

List of songs:
1) viribOni (varnam) - bhairavi - kanda ata - pachimiriyam adiyappA
2) sidhi vinAyakam - mOhana kalyAni - Adi - harikEsanallUr muthiAh bhAgavathar
3) murugA murugA - sAvEri - misra chApu - periasAmi thUran
4) kamalAmbAm bhajarE - kalyAni - Adi - muthuswAmi dIkshitar (sung on special request from a female fan :-) )
5) sogasujUda - kannadagowla - rUpakam - thyAgarAja
6) pAhi pAhi - malayamArutam - Adi (tisra gati) - prAnEsha vittala dAsa
7) chEtasrI - dwijAvanti - rUpakam - muthuswAmi dIkshitar
8) mAmayUra - bilahari - Adi - mazhavai chidambara bhArati
9) gajavadanA - tOdi - Adi - kumara rAja ettEndra
10) gOpAlam - viruttam in rAgas sumanEsa ranjani, sindhu bhairavi & behAg
nanyAku badavanO - behAg - kanda chApu - purandaradAsa
11) manamE kanamum - bImplAs - Adi - pApanAsam sivan
12) thillAna - hamsAnandi - Adi - srImushnam rAjA rAo
13) pavamAna - sowrAshtram - Adi - thyAgarAja

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Kyun kiya tumne aisa .. kyun

Thats what the world seemed to ask Zizou after the head-butting. Zidane may have said "Is kyun ka jawaab nahi hai mere paas" but here is a take on might have led him into doing that when the whole world was watching.

Matterazi pulls Zidane's shirt, suddenly smells something and asks: "Zizou tum bhi ..... yeh duniya mein sab log chlormint kyun khaate hain?"
The head-butting happens ...
Zidane heard muttering to the fallen Matterazi: "Dobara mat poochna"

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Concerts this weekend in Bangalore

Carnatic music concerts scheduled for this weekend in Bangalore are as follows:

15th July 2006 - Saturday

1) 6PM: Carnatic Veena Recital by Nirmala Rajasekar @ Ananya Sabhangana,92/2 ,4th Main, Malleswaram, Bangalore-560003

16th July 2006 - Sunday

1) 5:00 PM - Carnatic Vocal by Sikkil Gurucharan @ Bangalore Gayana Samaja, K.R. Road. Accompanying artistes are Charulata Ramanujam (Violin) and H.S. Sudheendra (Mridangam)

2) 5:30PM - Lecture Demonstration on Sangeetha Sampradaya Pradarshini by T.M.Krishna (one of my favorite singers) at Ananya Sangraha, 94/1, 16th 'A' Cross, West Park Road, Malleswaram

3) 4:15PM - Carnatic Vocal by Nagamani Srinath @ Indian Heritage Academy Hall, 6th Block, near Police Station, Koramangala

4) 4:15PM - Carnatic Violin duet by Lalgudi GJR Krishnan & Viji Krishnan @ Gokhale Institute of Public Affairs Hall, 11th Cross, East Park Road, Malleswaram

There are so many good concerts happening at the same time on Sunday ...... really confusing as to what to attend. Its a pity that there have been no such concerts throughout the week and then all of them have to clash on Sunday.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

I, the tagged one

Not long ago, two people decided to tag me. So here goes something akin to what everyone who gets tagged seems to do .....

I am thinking how should I go about this tagging thing thrust upon me by Snoop and Baarney

I said once to my best friend that I am an extrovert who loves living with people all around and I realize every bit of that right now, sitting alone at home

I want to pursue a career in music at least in parallel to work, if not full time

I wish someone would just pay off my ISB loan ... the thing stares in my face at the beginning of every month and plays havoc on my bank balance

I miss the days spent in my quad in ISB with Alok, KP, Sallu and Dood ... I will cherish those moments throughout my life

I hear what most other people say or at least try to do this most of the time as I have learnt a lot in life doing the same.

I wonder how would life have been had 'age-shortage' not prevented me from taking up the medical profession

I regret nothing ... there is something or the other to learn from every mistake done

I am Ram .... how insightful ... rite?

I dance pathetically

I sing when I am alone or with enthu people

I cry very rarely. The last time I vividly remember myself crying was when grandpa passed away. He meant so much to us.

I am not Raavan .. shit .. that was a real poor one ...

I write real junk stuff ...... you needn't have read this far to discover the same.

I confuse between people who pretend to know and people who actually know, especially in areas of discussion new to me.

I need ghar ka khana badly .... would love if it was cooked by granny .. she is the best cook ever

I should continue the learning process throughout my life

I finish and liberate you from reading this shit any further ..... well just a sec ... one more important thing

I tag:

Muhahahahaha ......

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